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diane burgett

diane burgett

nashville-based photographer

I began developing a passion for photography during my High School years. Never without a camera in hand, I loved traveling and photographing landscapes, people, and places. Naturally, my interests quickly emerged into the darkroom and developing techniques; creating a story on film and transferring that vision onto paper. Although I loved creating art through photography, my life and career took me in a different direction leaving the days of film and darkroom behind.

Fast forward to the digital era, ironically, life and career revitalized my interests and once again, visualizing art through the lens became my primary focus. Today, I enjoy packing my gear and drive the Tennessee backroads to unknown destinations capturing God’s beauty in the landscape, waterscapes, and flowers. My creative vision doesn’t come from nature alone, my inspiration and unique artistic expression derives from finding beauty in all things from cars to stars.

Still love to travel, I also enjoy participating in various photographic workshops, learning new techniques, and venturing out to new destinations. My goal is to never stop learning, never stop experimenting, and continue mastering my craft as an artistic and inspirational photographer.

“Which of my photographs is my favorite?  The one I am going to take tomorrow” – Imogen Cunningham

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